We wish to welcome you to the INNternationale™

Off-Campus Housing

The INNternationale™ University of Delaware off campus housing is located across the street from Gilbert & Harrington Dormitories, the University Security, and University Parking Facility.

With the ability of transcending the boundaries of traditional off campus living, The INNternationale™ provides a welcoming center and home for a combination of international students, visiting professors, international guests and American students, while promoting their interaction both within the Residence as well as with the greater University of Delaware community.  Programs offered at the Residence, Conference Center and Café will open a unique window onto the new world that is being encountered in today’s global community.

Experience languages and cultures from across the world
Offering an optional Spoken Language Residence program

    Fully furnished, long and short term guest accommodations are offered for international students, visiting scholars, international guest and American students. As with the International houses of Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Paris, this facility combines housing, culture and education in truly unique global environment. Supported by departments of the University of Delaware such as the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management, International Studies, Languages, literature and English Language Institute. The INNternationale™, with its conference abilities and World Cafe is a center for catered global events, spoken language residence programs, house dinners, round table discussions and cultural celebrations.

ELI Program