In addition to the regular in-house and special catered events at the Café and Conference Center, the program will sponsor, with the help of the International Scholarship Foundation, other cultural and extra-curricular opportunities for international students and faculty living at The Residence, as well as those whose housing is elsewhere. These opportunities will include guided trips to neighboring states and local points of interest (Washington, D.C., Baltimore Harbor, Philadelphia, New York, Longwood Gardens, Winterthur and Hagley, etc.) and perhaps other distant destinations for cultural and educational experience. In addition to the “spoken languages program”, the INNternationale will attempt to arrange, if desired, opportunities for international students to spend some time living with a nearby volunteer family – depending on the student’s and family’s wishes – or perhaps visiting a local family for holiday events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, or ski, seaside or other vacation experiences. Through the foundation, the program will make use of the services of active or retired university faculty and staff with foreign language aptitudes who are interested in helping with events and tutoring. The INNternationale will sponsor a volunteer project each semester that is aimed at contributing service for a day to the City of Newark or some related interest thereby increasing the communications between the local population and the global community.