Job & Education Opportunities

Employment positions are varied and have been created to assist residents of the INNternationale with income as well as provide valuable assistance to the management of Independent Holdings Management LLC. Positions such as the Executive Director, the Housing Coordinator, the Resident director, Assistant Resident Director and the Housekeeping and Engineering Manager, are all demanding upper management level positions that require specific obligations and responsibilities.

In addition, on a part time basis and not as demanding, will be positions such as the Events Manager, Interdisciplinary Coordinator, World Cafe and Conference Center Coordinator and Transportation manager. There are a number of “fee paid by user” employment opportunities such as Mentors and Tutors. These positions will be open to residents of the INNternationale and serve to improve the education of the community. Tutoring will cover a multitude of disciplines such as language, science and math. Mentors and tutors are also provided by retired professors, graduate students or senior scholars, either on a volunteer or fee basis, and approved by the Board of Advisors.