All rooms are provided with hardwired ethernet internet service outlet, wireless wifi for each resident. Every room has Cable TV service with a color TV  and large refrigerator. The entire facility offers wireless internet access.

Each floor has a kitchen facility with lounge seating such that residents may prepare their own food within the building…

The University of Delaware dining service offers many options and locations for dining, a few of which are within a very short walking distance. For more information see UD Dining Services.

Bustling Main Street, with many varieties of restaurants, is also a 10 minute walk.  All common areas including hallways, kitchens, Conference Center, World Cafe and common lavatories are cleaned on a routine basis by house keeping staff.   Token or App operated laundry machines are located in the lower level of the facility for use by those living in the INN.  The various exterior access points to the Residence are locked at all times, requiring registered security bracelets, to provide excellent security for the residents.  Each room also has an security bracelet activated lock for further security.

The INNternationale has developed several options for continued education and cultural exchange outside of the classroom. The “spoken language” program and weekly International events have been designed to bridge the language and cultural barriers, preparing a way for a truly united environment. The INNternationale programs and events are held in the World Cafe, which seats up to 80 and has its own catering kitchen.