(Required to read prior to submitting resident application)

The INNternationale (the INN) and its member-residents (each“Resident”) agree to a mutually satisfactory arrangement whereby the INN provides living accommodations and the opportunity to use its other facilities at 153 Courtney St., Newark, Delaware – 19711, (the “House, Management”), including participation in its other programs.Resident agrees to pay occupancy fees and to abide by this Contract and The Rules and Regulations attached hereto, all in furtherance of a positive Global living experience.It is therefore agreed by and between the INN and the Resident that the occupancy of the assigned room shall be based on the following Contract and attached Rules and Regulations. The Resident also agrees that all information provided on the INNternationale Housing Application is true.

1. OCCUPANCY TERM: Resident, staying 4 months or longer, shall give written notice at least 60 days before the end of term of this agreement of his/her intention either to terminate or renew this Agreement unless an alternative arrangement is agreed upon in writing. In the case of a one-or two month Agreement, the 60-days notice requirement is reduced to 30 days. Loss of future reservation may occur if proper notice is not given. Occupancy fees for Agreements two months or less in duration shall be due for the full period of stay 30 days prior to the day of arrival. Occupancy fees for agreements involving an academic year should be paid by semester and received up to 4 months prior to the beginning of that semester (the amount is determined by the payment process – see 4-f) to ensure either renewal or new reservation unless an alternative arrangement is agreed upon in writing. An ELI session may be less than a full 2 month calendar period, charges are billed for a session but can be divided into two payments under certain scholarship requirements, but must be approved in writing and terms of scholarship provided. The term month may be used to refer to one of two periods of time for each session. Each payment is due 30 days prior to each occupied month. This one or two month period can include an arrival date of 1 day prior to the assigned date of commencement and 1 day after the ELI session is over. Unless approved otherwise, any earlier arrival or later departure than the above may be charged a daily rate according to the style of room leased. Under no circumstance will a resident sublease their assigned room without explicit permission in writing by management. Under no circumstance will a resident allow a non resident to reside in their room withour prior permission. Check is in 2:00 p.m and check out is 10:00 a.m. unless approved otherwise. Storage of items is available if required.

2. OCCUPANCY FEES: The INN may, from time to time, increase some or all of the occupancy fees for the following semesters or ELI session, to reflect changes in the costs of providing residents with services and materials. This process will not effect reservations already in place, for the period that has been paid. The INN will increase the occupancy fees for the following semesters according to the University of Delaware’s annual increase in housing rates. Before an increased fee is imposed, Residents will be given 60 days advanced written notice in the form of a new web site entry, posting the lease amounts. By residing, 30 days after notification of imposed increase, the Resident agrees to pay the new fee if remaining for additional period.

3. ADDITIONAL FEES: AND DEPOSIT: Residents, either long or short term, will be responsible for any damages, lost key cards, or terminations involving violations of the contract. A resident will be required to pay a $200 security deposit by credit card, unless approved otherwise. All residents will be required to provide credit card information on the credit card authorization form on or before arrival to the management. This room deposit is also used to hold a room reservation. This deposit will remain in place in addition to the normal fees required and will be used for charges due upon check-out or after termination of the Agreement by the INN. A full refund, upon departure, will be given if there is no additional billing due by crediting back the credit card. If charges exeed the $200 security deposit, upon written/proof of explanation of billing, the resident will be charged accordingly to the credit card on file. By signing this contract, prior approval to charge the resident’s credit card for damages, cleaning or violation fees in excess of the $200 security deposit is given. Any change in credit card status must be given to the management at the time of change. A resident losing or breaking a key card will be billed $40.00 each occurance. These key cards are sensitive and easy to break, please keep them in an area where they will be safely accessable at all times. The resident may be charged ($5.00 each occurance) if multiply occassions occur where management must unlock the residents room or entrance to the facility. Resident will be charged $25.00 if their private bathroom/bedroom is not kept clean. A bi-monthly inspection, or spot inspection, allowable by management at any time, may result in such a charge if the bathroom/bed room is not cleaned within 2 days of the inspection. Such a fee may be impossed as well if a resident does not clean the Kitchen after cooking. Rooms (bedroom/bathroom/appliances) and linens must be left clean upon checkout. The checkout inspection will be held on the day of checkout or if agreed, 1 day before checkout and will be scheduled with management 2-3 days prior to checkout. If the resident leaves prior to a checkout inspection, the resident automatically agrees to any fees assessed against the deposit or otherwise. Linens, pillows and blankets may be leased from management for a fee of $20.00 ($10 for a period up to a month) for a session and must be returned cleaned upon the checkout inspection. 19” flat screen televisions and television service is included with the Executive Rooms, and if available, may be leased for $26.00 per month to any other unit. All Untilities, local phone, Tv service and high speed wireless internet (hard wire access available) are included in the lease amount. Daily rentals (up to 3 weeks)include linen service and room cleaning once every week for no charge.

4. AMENITIES FEE: As you know the INN does not charge a security deposit.  Most International students are on a tight budget and leases are sometimes short term.  The INN has been very sensitive to this situation.   To continue to achieve the unique quality of life at the INN, we have created a minimal fee to replace lost, unusable or broken common items and cover common use amenities.  This new non-refundable monthly fee of $20 will be collected from each student at the time their lease is due each month.   In comparison to competitive security deposits from other facilities, their collection of a security deposit is to double the first months lease, averaging an additional $800.00. These other facilities do not include sheets, pillows, blankets, towels or cooking or eating ware, this is an additional non-refundable fee.

This amenities fee will commence with new reservations confirmed beginning march 1st, 2014, and will be included with the payment from existing students with the next month’s lease payment to be collected beginning 3/20/14, or in the instance of a lease that has been paid for two months, the fee will begin with their next payment of lease that is due.  This fee is allowable under the terms and conditions of the lease and is to continually improve the condition of the INN.  Items that this fee will include are the continued replacement of lost or unusable cookware, dishes and silverware for the 9 common kitchens, sheets, pillows and towels, internet routers and modems, televisions, dish soap and paper towels for the common kitchens, Trash collection from common areas, Laundry room, resident vacuum cleaners, and cleaning of the common areas such as the café, hallways, common public bathrooms,  lobbies and kitchens.  However the students are required to clean the kitchen and its table tops, stove tops, dishes and pots and pans immediately after using them.  Students will not take back pots or pans back to their rooms.  If dishes or silverware are taken to their rooms they are to be returned and cleaned immediately after eating.  If a group is to cook in one of the kitchens, they are to only borrow pots or pans for the time it takes to cook, and return these to the appropriate kitchen where they were borrowed immediately.

The INNternationale does not provide toilet paper or bath amenities such as soap or shampoo’s for the individual bathrooms or bathrooms shared by only 4 or less students.  The toilet paper and paper towels and vanity soap are provided for the bathrooms that are used by 5 or more residents.  Any broken or lost key card is also an additional fee to the resident of $40.00 and is not included in the amenities fee.  Any damage to the resident room by the resident or any resident violation that require a fee are not included in the amenities fee and will be collected from the credit card that is on file. This amenities fee does not include the cleaning of pots and pans, dishes or silverware or the cleaning of the resident rooms, personal bathroom or the bathrooms shared by 4 or less students.

It is important that all students help to keep the common areas and kitchens clean.  Please notify one of the advisors if a particular student is not cleaning the kitchen or public areas after use, or removing kitchen items without returning them clean immediately after eating.  We will immediately suspend the student.  It is only in this way that we will have the kitchen in appropriate condition for the next student to use.


    1. THE DEPOSIT: The deposits that are reflected above are required before any room may be occupied, unless waived in writing by management. Deposit is to be placed by credit card unless approved in writing otherwise. Under normal circumstances the deposit ($200) and housing fees are non refundable if a cancellation occurs after the date of 30 days prior to arrival for occupancy. Reservations may be changed and the deposit, and housing fees, kept in place as deposit and payment for a modified reservation, as long as it is fairly similar to the original reservation as to number of days, However, changes, in writing, must be made 30 days prior to the residents arrival, unless approved in writing by Management.
    1. THE DEPOSIT: shall be held for damages, key return/replacement, violation cleaning, non-payment of fees and for any other charge properly payable by the Resident, and the balance therof shall be refunded at the end of the occupancy term or after termination of the Agreement by the INN, after vacancy is approved by the resident director. No deposit shall be used for Occupancy fees. Deposit fee will be credited back to the credit card on file for the resident, and not paid in cash unless otherwise approved in writing – 1 week prior to departure.
    1. For short term residents paying monthly rates, or long term residents in which a payment schedule has been pre-approved, all fees are due and payable on the 1st business day of month, and should they or any portion thereof remain unpaid by the 5th day, Resident agrees to pay the INN an additional sum of $50 late fee and an additional $10 per day during which the fee remains unpaid as compensation for reasonable costs occassioned by such delay.
    1. If a resident has fully complied with this Agreement, the room/damage fee will be released upon termination inspection and vacancy of the room, provided that Resident has paid all other fees and charges due in connection with this Agreement. Inspection will include return of linens, pillow, blankets, bed spread, cleanliness of refrigerator and microwave and Bathroom, bedroom, removal of all stored foods in the common kitchens used and return of keycard undamaged.
  1. Residents staying one month or longer will be required to pay in full 30 days prior to commencement of residence. Those residents that are staying one semester or longer will either be required to pay in full 60 days prior to arrival for residence or in 4 installments as detailed below, unless otherwise approved for monthly payment. These 4 installements will commence 3 months prior to move in, with the last payment due prior or on the day of move in. Installment payments: the charge for installment payments is a one time fee of $50.00 over and above the chosen room lease rate. . Short term residents (3 weeks or less) are also required to pay in full 30 days prior to arrival but may not be required to pay a deposit if reservation is less than 30 days. Students residing for an academic year must pay for the winterim session unless approved otherwise. The academic year is billed as a 9 month period – 4 month fall/ 1 month winterim/4 month spring semester. However, students residing for only the Fall or only the Spring Semester are not responsible for lease during the winterim period and must vacate prior to winterim commencement. Move in for the Spring semester will be delayed until after the Winterim period is over, unless approved with management in writting.
1st payment due on or before June 1stfor fall semester or Nov. 1st for Spring Semester – payment due is 25% of total lease
2nd payment due on or before July 1st for fall semester or Dec. 1st for Spring Semester– payment due of 25% of total lease
3rd payment due on or before August 1st for fall semester or Jan 1st for Spring Semester– payment due of 25% of total lease
4th payment due on or before August 24th for fall semester or Jan 24th for Spring Semester– final 25% of total lease due
Full payment for Winterim due by Nov 1st if resident has not leased for an academic year, unless agreed by management.
Full payment for the Summer due by April 1st unless prior arrangement is made in writing with management.

F.    Residents that will be paying in full will be required to pay on or before June 1st of the Fall semester or November 1st for the Spring Semester unless prior approval received in writing for delayed payment.


G.    Residents paying either in one full payment or in the 4 installments will be required to pay a late fee of $50 and an additional $10 per day during which the fees remains unpaid for any payment that is not received by the 5th of the required due date as described above unless approved otherwise by management.

H.   The due dates for payment are extremely important and the Resident reservation may be subject to cancellation and loss of deposit if the fee is not paid by the required date. In the event payments are not receivd on a timely basis as agreed above, to save cancellation of the contract, the Resident’s credit card on file or checking account will be automatically charged for payment.

I.       (i) A UD Housing Agreement, if a student has applied for UD on campus living, will become binding on June 1st. Any request to cancel a UD lease contract after this date must be submitted to the resident director’s office in the form of an appeal. If there is an excellent and justifiable reason why the resident does not wish to honor the Agreement, or a satisfactory replacement is available, than the contract may be cancelled and only the $200 deposit will be lost. If the student is under contract with the University of Delaware, prior to June 1st the student must cancel this contract or be liable to the University of Delaware for all contracted fees. The University may grant a student-intiated cancellation after the binding date upon request for release.This release must be received in writing or Resident will be liable for all contracted fees. If Resident is under contract with the University and has placed the $200.00 deposit, the INN will accept this non-refundable $200 deposit as substitution for the required deposit at the INN, upon proper substantiation in writing from UD. A UD housing Agreement is not an Agreement with the INNternationale. An approved and valid credit card will still be due on file for security deposit.

6. BREACH OF AGREEMENT:Should the resident decide to leave the INN before the ending date specified in this Agreement or for some other reason breach this Agreement, Resident shall, by such action, forfeit his/her room deposit and or lease payments that have been paid for the remaining term unless approved in writting.Should the resident decide to leave the INN before the ending date specified in this Agreement orfor some other reason breach this Agreement, Resident shall, by such action, forfeit his/her room deposit and or lease payments that have been paid for the remaining term.Provided that the Resident leaves his/her room in good condition, the managementwill return a portion of such sums in situations where the charges due for the remainder of the term are less than sums held on deposit.

7. MAINTENANCE OF ROOM/INVENTORY: Resident is financially responsible for maintaining the room and its contents in good order and free from damage caused by the Resident and his/her guests or visitors.At the beginning and end of the occupancy term, Resident and the INN shall inventory the contents and condition of the room.Failure to participate in a completed inventory of room condition upon arrival will leave the Resident vulnerable to be held responsible for subsequently reported room damge. Damage to shared residential spaces (e.g. bathrooms, lounges, etc.) and their contents will be charged proportionately to Residents in those areas when there is cause to believe that such damage was caused by one or more of such Residents and/or their guests or visitors, but the person causing the damage remains unidentified.Resident shall return the room and furnishings to the INN in the same condition as received, subject to normal wear and tear.In case of damage, disruption,or loss of the INN property wherever situated caused by Resident or his/her guests acting alone or as a part of a group, Resident will be assessed the total cost of repairs, cleaning and replacement plus a 15% service charge, whether necessary during or after the time of the Resident’s occupancy.

8. RIGHT OF ACCESS TO ACCOMMODATIONS: The INN retains the right of access to acommodations assigned to the Resident at any reasonable time and from time to time for cleaning, repair, maintenance, extermination, security or construction purpose, and for the purpose of ending actual or reasonable suspected violations of the terms of this Agreement, published rules and regulations of the managment, or of any law, bearing rooms to check for items needing repair and to insure compliance with the terms of this Agreement.

9. RESPONSIBILITY FOR DAMAGES: Resident agrees to be responsible for and to relieve the INN of direct or indirect liability (including counsel fees and costs) for injury to the person or destruction of, damage to or theft of personal property of a Resident or his/her guests and to indemnify and hold the INN and its employees Harmless for and against such injury, damages or loss whether arising in the living quarters or any other part of the INN premises, unless such injury or loss is caused by the gross negligence or willful misconduct of the INN, its agents or employees.If damages exceed the deposit of the Resident, the damages will be charged to the resident, including payment by credit card or debit of checking account. From time to time the INN will assign supervision tasks to residents called “Advisors”, “maintenance” or “Coordinator”. These advisors, Maintenance, housekeeping or coordinator are considered sub contractors and are independent of official management of the INN. The INN is not legally responsible for these subcontractors directly or indirectly. The INNternationale is not responsible for any loss, theft, pilferage and/or damage to a guests property which includes items such as money, travel currency, jewerly, photographic/electronic equipement or other personal property.

10. CANCELLATION OR REASSIGNMENT: The INN reserves the right to cancel and terminate this Agreement or reassign Residents to another room for good cause.The INN reserves the right to cancel and terminate this Agreement or reassign Residents to another room for good cause. Good cause shall include but not be limited to situations in which Resident’s condition or actions or those of his/her guests including reasons of health, are determined to be detrimental to the welfare of other residnets or in violation of this Agreement, published rules and regulation of the INN, or laws of any governmental authority.In addition the INN reserves the right to reassign a Resident to another room for housekeeping or operational reasons such as a a need to close down a section of living quarters in the interest of reducing service costs, or a decision to make use of all or part of such quarters.

11. VACATING THE UNIT: Upon expiration of the occupancy term or upon earlier termination of this Agreement, Resident shall immediately vacate the premises unless given express permission by the INN to remain longer on a per diem basis.If Resident does not vacate the unit the INN may change the unit’s lock or otherwise restrict access to the unit.The INN may, if necessary,and at the Resident’s expense, remove and store for a reasonable time any of the Resident’s belongings remaining on the premises.The INN will consider any property left in Resident’s room after departure to be abandoned and may dispose of such without notice or liability to Resident.The INN shall not be liable for damage to or loss of belongings left on the premises. Residents will be charged a minimum $100 fee if the resident’s room is vacated unclean. Resident must schedule a termination inspection with management 2 days prior to departure of the resident. Cleanliness of room includes cleaning of the bathroom, its glass shower stall, toilet, floor tiles and sink/vanity. Cleanliness of the room will also include cleaning of the microwave, refrigerator, trash cans and linens, bedspread, blankets and towels except of course if the linens, blankets and towels are the residents. Draws will be empty and all food remaining in both the room refrigerator and the common refrigerators will be thrown away in the containers provided for in the parking lot. Termination inspection will include review of any violation expenses due to determine extent of refund of $200 deposit. Key must be returned prior to exiting the building. If the key is not returned the credit card will be charged $30.00 for replacement and cancellation of the resident card. Housekeeping may be contracted to clean a room or bathroom or linens for a fee (consult management).

12. EDUCATIONAL STATUS AND COMPLIANCE: Resident agrees that his/her continued residency is subject to: current participation in a recognized higher educational, research, or training program, and compliance with the terms of this Agreement (including rules and regulations), and the laws of the United States, the State of Delaware, and the City of Newark. Proof of association with the University of Delaware and/or department within the University may be requried at anytime to ensure compliance of such participation.

13. REPLACEMENT KEYS/CARDS: Stolen keys, broken or keys said to be mislaid temporarily, and keys not returned at the end of the occupancy period or at the time of move-out will be considered lost keys. In all cases when a room key is lost, a new key will be issued at the cost of $30.00. The Resident will be billed $30.00 for the cost of making new key/card and entering into server the proper access doors for that particular Resident. Payment for replacement will be due upon replacement or charged to that residents credit card on file.

14. REQUESTED ROOM CHANGE: If a Resident requests a room change, this service can be provided at the cost of $50.00 provided that a suitable replacement room is available and that the room from which the resident is leaving is in good condition and clean and clear of possessions before the change is approved or immediately after. A $100.00 cost for cleaning will be charged to the resident for leaving a room in an unclean condition.

15. SECURITY: The responsibility to provide as secure an environment as reasonably possible or feasible is shared by both the Resident members and staff of the INN. Members agree that they shall: (a) ensure that their guests or food deliveries are met at the entrance door and properly accompanied at all times by an INN member: (b) keep locked, at all appropriate times, room and exterior access doors: and (c) not disregard or abuse the security systems, fire alarm system and /or security personnel.

16. RULES AND REGULATIONS: The Following rules and regulations, as well as the separate Rules And Regulations and any rules and regulations adopted after the date of this Agreement, are part of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

17. VISITING GUEST: Guest are allowed to visit overnighting with the permission and registration of management. A guest fee however is applicable in most cases. This fee is $10.00 per nite, and is restricted to seven nights unless approved otherwise. Under no situation is a resident to allow a guest to overnight for any period of time without the knowledge of management. Overnight guests that are visiting a resident that resides in a single/single with shared bath will require special permission by the attached single sharing the bath. The Resident is responsible for their guest at all times.

18. PARKING: Parking permits are required for all cars parking in the INN parking lot. If interested, please contact management as to applicable fees. All cars not registered may be subject to towing and applicable fees. Guests may park temporarily in the lot as long as it is for a maximum of 1 hour in the marked guest parking spots, unless approved by an advisor or management. Please notify an advisor if you will require temporary parking for yourself or a guest. There are temporary street parking permits available from the office for emergencies. A long term parking permit, parking for 1 day or longer are available at a nominal fee depending on the length of stay. A month long parking permit is $40.00. Parking requirements must be stated on the reservation request form.

    1. The use or possession of firearms, weapons or other materials, including flammable substances, such as Barbeques, candels or burning of inscents.
    1. The use of high-wattage electrical appliance (e.g. electrical skillets, hot plates, etc.) in living quarters without kitchens as prohibited by the City of Newark Fire Code, or the use of unit space heaters in any area, without the explicit written approval by the Resident Director. The exception to this rule will be approved microwaves and refrigerators, although already supplied, by the resident director.
    1. The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by or service of such beverages to persons under the age of 21.
    1. The possession, sale or use of narcotics or controlled drugs or substances (except use per physician prescription).
    1. The use, installation of or tampering with technical services in the house, which include; wireless internet, Café large screen Television, Game room television, computer access area in lounges or reception area, phone lines, fire alarm, internet ports, telephones, and/or other technical services deemed relevant to the function of the House, except as authorized in advance in writing by the Resident Director.
    2. The use of radios, TVs, or other sound equipment or musical instruments in such a way as to disturb other residents or other persons in or outside the presmises, or the production of any noise that; in the opinion of the INN, is excessive or unreasonable. (see quiet hours – rules and regulations)
    3. Pets of any kind are not allowed unless used as a seeing eye dog.
    1. Clothes or clothes line hung on porches and balconies, in front of windows, or within the resident rooms, lounges or courtyard. No exterior radio or television aerials will be hung outside windows or taped to the inside of any window.
    1. The removal from one room or area to another of any furniture, equipment or property belonging to the INN: altering or tampering with the installed plumbing, air conditioning , thermostates, heating or electrical systems; damaging or altering floors, walls, ceiling, doors, hardware, furniture, or other portions or property of the INN.
    1. The overnight use of the premises under Resident’s control by any other person without permission of the INN’s resident director.
    1. Use of, or access to any room or facilities (including room changes) of the INN for any commercial purpose or for solicitation, renting, or peddling by Residents or their invitees for resident or non-residential use without express permission of the INN’s Resident Director.
    1. Installation or use of any unusual fixture or items such as a water coolers or vending machine without the express written permission by the INN’s Resident Director.
    1. Placing false alarms, interfering with proper functioning of fire safety systems and tampering with or removing bells, smoke detectors, alarms, fire detection or supression equipment, fire hoses, extinguishers and other fire safety equipment.
    1. The throwing or dropping of refuse or other objects from any part of the building or within common areas of the building. Do not throw cigaretts and/or cigarette buds on the ground.
    1. Visitors must be accompanied by the Resident inviting them at all times. No guest, or delivery service, will enter the INN or the Conference area or the World Café without being met by the inviting Resident at the exterior access door. Because of security risks, areas of access to the local community or College community will be limited to special events. It may be necessary to have a particular visitor register at the office with the Director, Coordinator and/or Advisor to ensure that no Resident of the INN will feel her/his privacy infringed. The Café area and Conference Center have special provision to allow guests attending various functions such as weekly or monthly events and/or special events such as “Coffee’s. All Residents will ensure that no visitor is granted access to the resident areas, especially community kitchens and/or other residents food, during these periods unless either accompanied at all times or unless with the express written approval by the Resident Director.
    1. The violation(s) of such other rules and regulations reasonably related to the proper operation of the INN, the requirements of laws, ordinances or regulations or the health safety or welfare of INN residents at the INN may be published from time to time in handbooks, notices, bulletins and other written communications.
    1. No transportation vehicles with electric motors, such as electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric motar bikes, cars or other devices requiring extra current from the facility, other than normal computer and stereo systems will be charged at the INNternationale unless a fee is paid to reinburse the INN for the extra electricity used. If any such vehicles or devices are found to exist at the INN and it is evident that they are being charged in the residents room, a part or all of the deposit will be kept for reinbursement of the current used. The cost and/or Approval to be charged will be determined by the director.
    1. ADVISOR BULLETIN BOARDS: (see rules and regulations) please notify management of any problems on boards.
    1. RESIDENT JUDICIAL ARBITRATION: (see rules and regulations) System used to resolve any resident disputes.


THIS LICENSE IS NOT A LEASE: THIS AGREEMENT IS NOT A LEASE, THE INN IS NOT A LANDLORD AND RESIDENT IS NOT A TENANT. This Agreement is a license to a member of the INNternationale and applies only while the Resident remains a member in good standing. It creates no interests for the Resident whatsoever, and the Resident may not assign or subcontract any of his/her rights under this Agreement. Resident and/or owner is not subject to Delaware tenant landlord codes. 

All rooms are furnished and include all utilities, local telephone, high speed wireless fiber optic internet (hard line available upon reservation request), basic Verizon TV outlet, Special Cultural Events, Entertainment, special security features, Weekly Shopping trips and morning bus pickup in front of the INNternationale – (see accomodations for specifics.)

Rate increase of 6-8% will occur during each academic year. This increase may or may not effect all room rates below and may occur gradually during any given year. This will not effect reservations in place unless prior notification is given. Housing Rates will be updated, as to any increase in pricing, 30 days prior to the increase. Check back here for more details.

$10.00 per day for a guest sharing a single residents room , overnight guest must be approved by management Because of roomate complications. No overnight guests are allowed in any double room occupancy.

Discounts available for large ELI, International Studies groups and ud faculty guests – please send or call for inquiry. Please include parking requirements if any. Parking permit by the month is an additional $48.00 and must be reserved when making room reservation to ensure availablity. Floor plans are shown on web site – each relates to the given letter as above. Nightly stays are available if vacancy allows.


I understand that, while residing as a Resident Member at the INNternationale, I will be encouraged (and I pledge) to particiate and abide in the philosophy of the INNternationale by attending as many cultural and educational lectures and events as reasonably possible.This program has been designed to enhance group communication, language experiences, education and the awareness of various issues experienced within the global community.As a contribution to this program, students will be involved in various weekly and monthly events which may or may not involve the public as well as the University community.Each resident will share their particular interest, skills or profession on a informal daily basis or within an organized event.This sharing of ideology, religious beliefs, customs and languages is important to establish an understanding of the diversity yet similarities of the World and to explore the common grounds that will establish peace based on common respect of these differences.In some instances the resdents will wish to be involved in a shared living experience for the benefit of the “Spoken Language Program”.This will require the ultimate understanding and respect of customs and differences.

I agree to abide by all of The INNternationale rules and regulations defined in this contract.I release and discharge the INNternationale, its owners or employees, from all liability for damage or loss to personal property that I have caused.I will pay for all replacement of property that I either loose or that I damage by means other than normal wear.I agree to pay all the room charges defined in this contract on or before the specified due dates within this contract.If appropriate fees are not paid by the specified due dates, I understand that I risk the chance of either losing my reservation and/or all privileges accordingly or pay an additional late fees as required in #4 (c).

I have read the above statement and entire contract and agree to all the requirements that are stated And further,by submitting the application on line at www.TheINNternationale, or by occupying a residence at the INN, I have agreed to all items within.

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