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The Innternationale is very different from any other housing available. The difference is in the environment and the program. Imagine a place where you can say “bom dia”(good morning) in Portuguese to a friend in the morning and “bonne nuite” (good night) in French to another. Special attention was taken by Randy Becker, the founder and architect, to insure the Innternationale promotes a friendly and safe environment for all.

Other Features:

  • Concierge Services
  • Located within the heart of the UD campus
  • Free cable TV, high-speed wireless internet
  • Rooms include compact refrigerator and microwave, Telephone
  • A kitchen on every floor
  • World Café with vending machines and game room
  • Excellent security with interior/exterior monitored cameras and all doors have electronic key cards

The Program:

The heart of the Innternationale is the program. A unique feature of the Innternationale is the spoken language program. The language program brings students together to learn about different cultures and languages. In addition to the spoken language program, the Innternationale offers academic lectures, workshops and film programs in the Conference Center. With all these activities there is never a lack of things to do or learn at the Innternationale.

Home Stay Feature:

Home Stay, a new program involves an added optional “Home Stay” feature into each evening’s activity. Students are urged to participate in a community language session, in the World café, involving the lessons that had been learned during the day and the homework that is assigned for the next day.

The Innternationale is a truly unique global environment… it’s more than just a house, its an experience. Come and experience the Inn way.

Accommodations (ELI sessions)

Prices subject to annual increase during each year according to the annual Increase for University Housing – Prices for special groups available upon request. Although prices are given in terms of “monthly” increments, the actual ELI session or lease term is not associated with the calendar month. The lease term is associated with the actual dates of the ELI session. Arrival is scheduled 2 days prior to the commencement of the ELI term unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The Departure is scheduled within 1 day after the graduation date for the ELI term unless agreed upon in writing. If the resident is to continue leasing for the following session, they may continue residing through the break period between sessions. Payment is to be received 30 days prior to arrival , or 30 days prior to the next session if they are to remain, unless agreed upon in writing. A $200 deposit is required to confirm reservation. This deposit is separate from the lease amount and is returned to the resident upon departure unless there is outstanding billing. The following pricing is per resident unless approved by management. Resident is not allowed to sub lease room without permission of management. Any overnight guest are to register with Management. Please read the rules and regulations and contract for all details involving the INNternationale . The Facility and its Rules, regulations and the contract have been designed to offer the highest state of security, education and comfort for all the residents.

Rental Assistance Program

The Innternationale sponsers a rent reduction program to assist students when available. These programs involve assistance to management in addition to encouraging the residents in the use of the English Language. These participants will help design their own program such that it allows them the valuable time for their studies and recreation. Interested students are urged to contact Randy Becker for application concerning specific details and availability.

2017  ELI Program Pricing

The INNternationale has 15 basic floor designs. See Floor Plans HereIt is possible to obtain a resident contract per few days, week, month, semester or yearly basis.  You do not have to lease for an entire year.  All leases include utilities, central air conditioning, central heat, wireless internet, cable TV outlet, token operated laundry center,  lounges with and without kitchens, the World Café, weekly and monthly events and the “spoken language” advantage of a world environment. The INNternationale is open 365 days a year.

Prices are quoted as a monthly price per person.  Please refer to floor plans for details.  The traditional rooms are on the original side of the INN and have central air/heat, refrigerator and microwave in each room, TV (executive rooms), TV hookup all rooms, wireless and Ethernet internet.  All costs are included, there are no additional charges.  All furniture is provided.  There are 5 full kitchens on the traditional side

+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) Available for smaller groups (Groups of up to 12) – shared bathroom attached, showers in Executive Hostel.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) 2 connected double rooms with shared bath for 4 residents. Large bathroom divides each double room with private shower and toilet room.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARES BATHROOM WITH GROUP DUPLEX SINGLE). Double rooms are attached to large gender specific bathroom shared with another single room.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARES BATHROOM WITH GROUP DUPLEX DOUBLE) Single room attached to larger gender specific bathroom shared with double occupancy room.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(PRIVATE BATH) 2 residents in a room with private bathroom, 2 single beds.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) 1 single bed in each – large bathroom between with private shower and toilet room


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) 1 single bed in each – separate bathroom in hallway.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(PRIVATE BATH) 1 single bedfor one resident


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) 1 single bed or full size bed. (depending on availability)


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(PRIVATE BATH) 1 queen size bed and private bath – Best accommodations on traditional side on the INN.

Prices are quoted as a monthly price per person. Please refer to floor plans for details. Except for Lower level single and double accommodations, all suite rooms have individual air/heating system, kitchenette with refrigerator, large microwave, cabinets and sink, closets, 32” wall mounted Television, and a larger bathroom and shower. The Executive Hostel is dormitory styled living with a group A (women) and group B (men) , each group is composed of 4 units (either singles or doubles) with a large shared bathroom complex (cleaned by housekeeping, with central air, and refrigerator and microwave in each room. All the rooms have wireless and Ethernet internet. All furniture is provided. There are 4 full kitchens in the new addition, along with a surround sound movie theater.

+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) Smaller rooms than the traditional double. Located in the lower level of the new addition, divided into group A and group B. Very good for groups.  There are 4 double rooms in each group. Bathrooms are very large shared gender specific complex.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(SHARED BATH) Smaller single room than the traditional single. Located in the lower level of the new addition. ADA design, can be a double. One large closet. Bathrooms are very large shared gender specific complex.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


(PRIVATE BATH) 1 Bunk bed (2 singles) and 1 single bed. 3 desks, 3 drawer units, 2 closets.

$580 per person with roomate +$20 monthly amenities fee

$960 per month Family Rate  +$20 monthly amenities fee


(PRIVATE BATH) Large Room. Can be setup to accomodate a couple looking for a large single suite. 2 single beds, 2 closets, 2 desks, 2 drawer units. This accommodation is perfect for “Spoken Shared Language Program” for ELI and group rates. Couples, related family members or two unrelated individuals may qualify for the family rate.

Special rate for fall 2017
$960 for two residents that room together!!!!!!


+ $20 monthly amenities fee


1 single or full size bed (Depending on availabilty). 1 desk, 1 drawer unit. 1 closet. Similar to the executive but a few feet smaller in width.


+ $20 monthly amenities fee 


(PRIVATE BATH) The largest and most appointed accommodation at the INN. Queen or king bed (Depending on availability). 2 desks, 1 dining table. 2 drawer units, 2 closets and a 32″ wall mounted televisions. Kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, sink, and cabinetry. Large private bathroom with large shower.  Unit has individual air conditioning/heating system.


Daily Rate ranges from $20 to $66 per night

$20 monthly amenities fee for all rooms not included in room prices

All Prices Per Person and Are United States dollar (USD, $)

* all pricing is for per individual except with writing approval from management. Couples may receive a discount when reserving one of the Single room floor plans.